Advantages of ARO

Advantages of Using ARO

  • The answers to one question dictate follow-up questions; if a question is irrelevant to your protocol, you will never have to address it.
  • When your protocol is approved, the approval letter is immediately available by logging into the ARO system. You can retrieve and print a copy of the approval letter at any time.
  • The processing of your protocol can be tracked in real-time via the system. You can follow the progress of your protocol review by logging into ARO.
  • Once approved, anyone listed on the protocol will have access to it by logging into ARO. This simplifies distributing the currently-approved protocol version to a coinvestigator.
  • ARO is linked to the IACUC training database, making it easy to add lab members to a protocol just by typing their last name (a list appears of all matches, and you can select the appropriate person).
  • Submitting protocol modifications is streamlined and simpler.
  • Submitting a three-year renewal is far easier. You simply need to generate a "clone" of your protocol and modify the sections requiring changes.

ARO will:

  • Increase IACUC office efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reduce administrative burden on researchers and staff
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Improve information management for researchers, IACUC members, and staff