Animal Research Online

University of Pittsburgh and UPMC-affiliated researchers must log in with the account used to complete the Internet-based Studies in Education and Research training they must take prior to accessing the IACUC policies.

To get started, log in to Animal Research Online and also be sure to review guidelines for training and ARO Access Requirements below. In addition:

Please note that failure to renew a protocol that covers currently housed animals, jeopardizes the continuation of the animal protocol and could result in suspension of animal use privileges and confiscation of animals.

Accessing ARO

Obtain Login Credentials for ARO

You should use the same login address for ARO that you use for logging into the system for web-based training (the HSConnect system). All users who have completed the standard animal investigator training courses on the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) platform ("Responsible Conduct of Research" and "Working with Large Animals and/or Working with Small Animal courses") should have access to the system. However, only PITT faculty members and senior staff members have the ability to initiate a new protocol submission.

Access Requirements

Anyone who has completed the "Responsible Conduct of Research" training course in addition to completing the "Working with Large Animals and/or Working with Small Animal courses" training courses during the past 3 years should have access to the ARO system. If you cannot login to the system, please make sure that your training is current by logging into the training system ( If training is current, please contact the IACUC Office for assistance (412-383-2008).

Student Access for ARO

Once a protocol is approved, any person listed on the protocol can read the protocol online by logging into ARO. However, students will be unable to initiate a new protocol application in the system. As a security feature, only University of Pittsburgh faculty members and senior staff members can initiate a new protocol application.

Live Training

Live training sessions on the use of ARO occur every Thursday at 2 p.m. in the IACUC Office: room 206 of the Hieber Building (located on Fifth Avenue across from the BST-III; Hieber's pharmacy is located in the same building). Space is limited; reservations should be arranged through Michael Kessler (

Questions or Comments About ARO

Contact us at 412-383-2018 or

The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals

The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (Eighth Edition) is an internationally accepted primary reference on animal care and use, and its use is required in the United States by the Public Health Service Policy