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IACUC Protocol Submission Guidelines

Animal Research Online (ARO) must be utilized for all new submissions. Begin by visiting the ARO website.

Protocol Modifications

For modification of an ARO protocol:

The IACUC has the purview of requesting a new protocol submission if the requested modification is too substantial.

Congruency Review

A required procedure at the University of Pittsburgh (the University) to align with the Public Health Service Policy for Verification of IACUC Approval is referred to as an IACUC Congruency Review. The University of Pittsburgh IACUC (the IACUC) policy for this review process can be found here.

The link for submitting materials to initiate congruency reviews for grants and contracts funded by the PHS, AHA, and NSF can be found here.

Letter of Scientific Merit

If your project is being funded by departmental funds, industry, or any other source that does not conduct a peer-review as a means to determine funding, a scientific review must be conducted at the School, Department, Division or Center as appropriate.  Before the protocol will be reviewed by the IACUC, you must submit a letter certifying that the project was reviewed by your unit and was judged to to have scientific merit.

This letter must be on departmental letterhead, state the name of the PI, the title of the protocol, and be signed by your dean, departmental chairperson, division chief or chair of the scientific review committee. Please either e-mail a PDF of the letter along with your application or fax it to 412-383-2020

Compliance Resources

Recordings of Basic Biomedical Investigator Workshop : August 17, 2020
Preparing Your Lab for Inspection : Compliance 101 (PowerPoint)