Occupational Safety

Risk Assessment

University of California, Davis has provided a Risk Assessment Tool to help supervisors and safety coordinators give their workers the information they need to be safe on the job. If you're a supervisor, just supply the species your workers contact and you'll be lead to a series of information sheets about common risks.

Occupational Health Notes

Herpes B Virus Links

Read this news article about the recent Herpes B case at Yerkes, including important comments about prevention.

If you work with primates, you should take this quiz about Herpes B virus.

This article about Herpes B in pet monkeys has good general background information about Herpes B, as well as a large number of current references.

Here are Julia Hilliard's comments about the possibility of maintaining Herpes B negative primates, taken from a CDC-sponsored symposium about Working Safely with Research Animals.

Several excellent videos, including Working Safely with Primates, are available online from the National Institutes of Health.

Zoonosis Information from the CDC

Information regarding zoonotic infectious diseases can be found here.

The CDC also publishes guidelines for Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories, for those who will be working with infectious disease agents in laboratories.