Protocol Approval Process


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There has been a rule change regarding annual and three-year renewals. The due date for approval is now three years from the exact original approval date (rather than the last day of the month of such). For instance, if your protocol was originally approved on 6/15/15, the annual renewal must be approved by 6/14/16 and the three-year renewal must be approved 6/14/18.

Please note that failure to renew a protocol that covers currently housed animals, jeopardizes the continuation of the animal protocol and could result in suspension of animal use privileges and confiscation of animals.

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Guide for Animal Users

This overview guides you through the protocol submission process including:

  • New Protocol Submission
  • Protocol Modifications
  • Training Requirements
  • Grant Review Program
  • Delay Issues
  • Common Compliance Problems

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Compliance Tips

These compliance tips will help you to prepare and maintain your lab. Prepare for inspections, review the Controled Substance Guidlines, and access various IACUC signage. Learn More >

Occupational Safety

Learn about occupational health and risk assessment. Link to Zoonosis information from the Center for Disease Control. Learn More >