Extended Release Buprenorphin is Available for Mice

A FDA Indexed injectable suspension of extended release buprenorphine for use in mice is now commercially available from Henry Schein and marketed under the trade name Animalgesics® for Mice. A single injection provides clinically effective analgesia for moderate to severe pain in mice for up to 3 days. The IACUC has approved the use of this product for mouse analgesia. However, the product, like any analgesic, cannot be used for study related procedures unless it is listed on an IACUC approved protocol. Existing protocols require an IACUC approved modification prior to using Animalgesics® for Mice. This drug is not approved for any other species but mice.

Animalgesics® for Mice is supplied in a 3.0 ml multi-dose vial. Once opened, the vial should be stored refrigerated (36-46 °F) and discarded after 28 days. Animalgesics® for Mice is not intended to be administered by any other than the subcutaneous route. The product cannot be diluted and must be administered as formulated. Dilution of the product alters the formulation and the efficacy of the product. A dosage chart is provided below.

Body Weight ml Animalgesics
15 gm 0.0375 ml
20 gm 0.05 ml
25 gm 0.0625 ml
30 gm 0.075 ml
35 gm 0.0875 ml
40 gm 0.1 ml
45 gm 0.1125 ml
50 gm 0.125 ml

Animalgesics® for Mice has a slightly yellow to white opaque appearance. The refrigerated product should be warmed to room temperature prior to administration. Mice may exhibit an "obtunded" (lethargic, mentally dull) response to stimuli for up to 6 hours after administration. An oily sheen may be observed on the skin for up to 5 days post-administration due to leakage at the injection site. This does not cause any clinical complications to the animal.

Additional information can be found on the Animalgesic Labs website. Note that all formulations of Buprenorphine are Class III Controlled Substances, and must be ordered, secured, and dispensed in accordance with the University's Controlled Substance Guidelines. In order to procure or use Animalgesics® for Mice an investigator must hold a current DEA Registration.