IACUC Email Announcement Nov. 17, 2006

A Message from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee:


The IACUC has recently changed its policy involving certification and calibration of gas anesthesia equipment. The major changes are as follow: 

  • Certification and calibration of the equipment is now required every 2 years, unless the manufacturer suggests more frequent inspections. Formerly, annual inspections were required. 
  • Certification should include an inspection of the entire anesthetic machine, not just the vaporizer.  The revised gas anesthesia policy can be downloaded from the IACUC webpage. Key elements of the policy are as follow: 
  1. All anesthesia and monitoring equipment must be maintained in good working condition to assure optimal anesthetic agent delivery in a safe manner. Anesthesia equipment includes anesthesia machines and vaporizers, and stand alone vaporizers. Examples of monitoring equipment include: EKG, pulse oximetry, and end tidal CO2 devices. 
  2. The primary standard for vaporizer recalibration / certification is to be governed by manufacturer’s recommendations. If manufacturer’s recommendations are not available, the equipment must be validated at least every two years. If the equipment has been out of service for more than one year, it must be validated before being put into service. Certification consists of the inspection and approval of all mechanics associated with the vaporizer and anesthesia
  3. machine. Calibration consists of the scientific analysis of the emitted gas and insuring the accuracy of the concentration settings and subsequent correction as needed.  
  4. All anesthesia and monitoring equipment is to be serviced by a qualified personnel or an authorized service center. Qualified personnel must be experienced in clinical equipment maintenance, service and certification. The following is a listing of some qualified service providers: 

Draeger (services only Draeger machines and vaporizers): 1-800 4-DRAGER (437-2437) 

  1. Eagle Eye Anesthesia (all anesthesia machines and vaporizers): 1-800-760-6976 
  2. IGN Medical (all anesthesia machines and vaporizers):  1-888-256-2723 
  3. Ronco Technical Services, Inc. (all anesthesia machines and vaporizers): 1-800-635-2006 
  4. NLS Animal Health vaporizer exchange program. (NLS will send a new vaporizer to be switched out with the old vaporizer): 724-944-6209 
  5. Biotronics (all equipment certification and repair): 412-648-6125 
  6. Vetamac (all vaporizers and anesthesia machines): 1-800-334-1583 
  7. EZ Anesthesia (vaporizers and rodent anesthesia systems): 1-610-559-0159 

If you have any questions about certification and calibration of gas anesthesia equipment and anesthesia monitoring equipment, please contact DLAR’s veterinary services unit (phone: 412-648-8950; email: dlar@pitt.edu).