IACUC Email Announcement Oct. 5, 2010

A Message from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee:

New Policy Regarding the Scheduling of Surgeries Conducted on Non-Rodent Species Covered by the Animal Welfare Act

The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) provides strict requirements for animals that undergo surgery. To ensure the proper veterinary and IACUC oversight for research animals undergoing surgery, the IACUC has amended the Surgical Guidelines to require notification of the DLAR veterinary staff prior to any surgical procedures conduced on large animals (whether they be major or minor, or recovery or nonrecovery). This requirement is effective immediately

Pre-notification regarding surgical procedures performed elsewhere than DLAR-managed operative theatres on AWA-covered animals is accomplished by submitting a weekly schedule via email surgical@dlar.pitt.edu or phone (412-648-9337). The pre-notification is to be provided no later than 5 PM on the Friday prior to the week of the intended surgery

Procedures for scheduling DLAR-managed operative theatres remain the same as before. These surgical suites can be scheduled by contacting your assigned veterinary technical supervisor or the surgical research facility (surgical@dlar.pitt.edu). A web-based notification and scheduling system will be forthcoming shortly.

Thank you for your cooperation with this policy revision, which will ensure that all research animals receive the veterinary care and oversight required by the AWA.