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February 11, 2020New AVMA Guidelines for Rodent Euthanasia
July 25, 2019Updates to Training Modules for Investigators Using Animals for Research or Teaching
December 6, 2018Important Changes in the University's Animal Care and Use Program
December 5, 2018Reporting Requirements for DOD-Funded Research Using Animals
November 14, 2018Reminder: Submit Your IACUC Protocol Early to Avoid Lapses During Holiday Closures
November 23, 2018Collection of Expired Controlled Substances in 2019
August 10, 2018Animal Numbers in Rodent Breeding Protocols
July 9, 2018Reminders about Exercise Studies on Animals
June 7, 2018Follow-Up from Spring 2018 Semi-Annual Review
March 28, 2018Departing Investigator Checklist
January 31, 2018Use of Analgesia in Studies on Animals
November 20, 2017Changes in IACUC Training Requirements
September 27, 2017Required Monitoring of Animals Following Anesthesia
May 3, 2017Changes in Required Signage for Animal Use Laboratories
Mar 27, 2017University of Pittsburgh Receives Full Accreditation by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, International (AAALAC)
Mar 9, 2017USDA Finds Full Compliance with Standards for Research and Animal Welfare
Jan 17, 2017Revised Rodent Genotyping Guidelines
Jan 5, 2017Change in CO2 Euthanasia Chamber Displacement Rate
Sept 3, 2015NIH Policy on the Consideration of Sex as a Biological Variable
Jan 23, 2015New Online Education and Training Resource for Animal Users
Jun 2, 2014Extended Release Buprenorphine is Available for Mice
Jan 27, 2014Requirements for CO2 Euthanasia in Rodents
Oct 28, 2013DLAR Message: Social Housing of Animals - Part 2
Oct 11, 2013DLAR Message: Social Housing of Animals
Mar 21, 2013New IACUC Policy and Guidelines for Animal Transport
Mar 8, 2013Update of Conflict of Interest Questions in IACUC Protocol Forms
Oct 17, 2012Update regarding NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules
July 2, 2012New NIH requirements necessitate a change in the IACUC's grant review policy
May 8, 2012Sodium Pentobarbital for Injection is Again Available Commercially
Apr 9,2012IACUC policy on the use of analgesics in animal surgery
Feb 15, 2012Expired Materials and Non-pharm drugs
Dec 2, 2011New IACUC policy on blood draws and reminders about IACUC protocol submission
July 18, 2011Revisions in Controlled Substances Guidelines
Apr 12, 2011Regulation of Custom Animal Production
Jan 27, 2011DEA Audits
Oct 29, 2010Nonhuman Primate Enrichment
Oct 18, 2010Controlled Substances Guidelines
Oct 5, 2010Large Animal Surgical Scheduling
July 12, 2010Husbandry Care - Everyone's Responsibility
Mar 9, 2010Immunocompromised Rodent Husbandry Policy
Jan 29, 2010Training Update
Jan 28, 2010Grant Application Review
Nov 17, 2006Certification of Gas Anesthesia Equipment and Anesthesia Monitoring Equipment
July 25, 2006Cross Trafficking and Rodent Biosecurity