Upfront with the IACUC Office

Upfront with the IACUC Office: A New Outreach Program

The IACUC and staff members in the IACUC Office are responsible for assuring that all research and teaching activities that involve vertebrate animals comply with the Animal Welfare Act, regulations promulgated by the United States Department of Agriculture, and policies of the Public Health Service.

These directives require the IACUC to prospectively approve any activities that involve the use of vertebrate animals, to conduct semiannual inspections of all areas where animals are employed in research and teaching, and to review and approve policies and procedures related to animal use at the institution.

Upfront with the IACUC is a program to aid investigators, staff members, and trainees in complying with the many directives that govern animal use in research and teaching. We're here to answer your questions, prepare you for laboratory inspections, and provide training on use of the Animal Research Online system to submit protocols.
We're inviting research staff to meet with IACUC office representatives to learn more about how the review process works, and how to prepare protocols while maintaining compliance with animal use directives. This is not a mandatory program, but an opportunity for the IACUC office to assist investigators in any way they can. The program also offers the opportunity for the IACUC Office staff to learn about investigator concerns.

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Upfront with the IACUC is managed by IACUC office members Jody Mankamyer (412-383-2012) and Brooke Paul (412-383-1754). You may schedule an appointment directly with them, or through the main IACUC contact address (412-383-2008).