Sodium Pentobarbital for Injection is Again Available Commercially

Last September, investigators were apprised that the manufacturer of Nembutal (sodium pentobarbital for injection) limited the distribution of the drug to hospitals, and authorized its use solely for the treatment of epilepsy.  As of December 22, 2011, Nembutal was sold to Oak Pharmaceuticals, which is again offering the drug for veterinary purposes. Nembutal can again be purchased through Butler-Schein, the supplier that University of Pittsburgh investigators must use to obtain controlled substances, in both 20 ml and 50 ml bottles. Consequently, Butler-Schein should be the supplier for future orders of Nembutal.

Should an investigator require a custom formulation of Nembutal that is not commercially available, use of Heiber's Compounding Pharmacy may be permitted. In such a case, an investigator must obtain a prescription in order for the drug to be compounded by Hieber's pharmacy.

Please note that Nembutal is a schedule II controlled substance, and must be obtained, stored, dispensed, and administered in accordance with the University's controlled substance guidelines (see: Further information about Nembutal can be obtained from: .