New IACUC policy on blood draws and reminders about IACUC protocol submission

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New IACUC policy on the maximal blood volume that can be withdrawn from a laboratory animal
Reminder that all new IACUC protocols and three-year renewals must be submitted through ARO (Animal Research Online) on January 1, 2012

New IACUC Policy on the Maximal Blood Volume that can be Withdrawn from  a Laboratory Animal

The IACUC has approved a new policy that clarifies the maximal blood volume that can be withdrawn  from a laboratory animal.  All investigators who perform blood sampling in animal models should be familiar with this policy, which can be downloaded here

Reminder: All New IACUC Protocols and Three-Year Renewals must be Submitted through ARO on January 1, 2012

As originally announced on November 11, emailed submissions of new IACUC protocols will no longer be accepted on January 1, 2012.  All new protocols and three-year renewals must be submitted via the IACUC's new web-based protocol management system, ARO.

Information about ARO is available here

A user manual for ARO can be downloaded from here

The ARO system can be accessed at: .
Live training sessions on the use of ARO occur every Thursday at 2 PM in the IACUC Office: room 206 of the Hieber Building (located on Fifth Avenue across from the BST-III; Hieber's pharmacy is located in the same building).  Space is limited; reservations should be arranged through Michael Kessler (