Important Changes in the University's Animal Care and Use Program

Effective on January 4, 2019, a number of key changes will occur in the leadership of the University’s animal care and use program.

Dr. David Schabdach, the current Attending Veterinarian and Senior Executive Director of the Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR), is leaving the University to assume the positions of Associate Vice President for Research and Innovation, Attending Veterinarian, and Director of Laboratory Animal Resources at Virginia Tech. Dr. Schabdach attended the Virginia–Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, located on the Virginia Tech campus, and thus will be returning to his alma mater.

Dr. Schabdach is thanked for his leadership of DLAR since July 2012.  A national search is underway for an individual who will replace him as both Senior Executive Director of DLAR and Attending Veterinarian.

As the search progresses, an interim team will provide leadership for DLAR.  Dr. Amy Cassano will serve as the Interim Attending Veterinarian, and Dr. Frank Jenkins will serve as the Interim Senior Executive Director of DLAR. Dr. Cassano is currently the Associate Director of DLAR, and Dr. Jenkins is Associate Professor of Pathology and Chair of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

The leadership of the IACUC will transfer to Dr. Deborah Chapman, who is an Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and currently serves as IACUC Vice-Chair.

After these transitions in early January, please contact Dr. Cassano regarding the veterinary oversight of the animal care and use program, Dr. Jenkins about concerns related to the management of DLAR, and Dr. Chapman about IACUC issues.