Report Concerns

The Animal Care and Use Committee at the University of Pittsburgh investigates all concerns regarding the care, treatment, and use of animals for research or teaching at the university.

Anonymous concerns are acceptable and will be investigated. Anonymous complaints may be made by phone call to the persons listed below, or can be made using the University’s confidential AlertLine at 1-866-858-4456. Additional information about AlertLine can be found here.  Federal laws and regulations prohibit discrimination or reprisal for good faith reporting of suspected violations of standards and regulations promulgated under the Animal Welfare Act.

Dr. Deborah Chapman,
Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Dr. Denise Capozzi,
Office Director, Animal Care and Use Committee & Compliance Officer

Dr. Amy Cassano,
Attending Veterinarian
Division of Laboratory Animal Resources
DLAR Emergency On-Call Veterinarian 

If a veterinary medical emergency arises after hours (M-F 4 pm-7:30 am, weekends & University holidays), please call the Veterinary Emergency Answering Service at (412) 624-VETS (8387) for assistance.


In addition, reports can be made to any standing member of the University’s Animal Care and Use Committee.